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We strive to provide the best solutions, exceeding industry standards trying to be well above industry averages in numerous categories.

Although we are all humans and mistakes are possible by any carbon life form, such as you and all of us. We are proud to work hard to minimize any possibility of mistakes, errors and omissions, but as our lawyers insisted us to say - "errors and omissions are expected". Sorry to say it, hope our lawyers are happy now and hope we did not offend you with such a legal language.

Having said that, we would like to offer you peace of mind should indeed you happen to be a "lucky winner" of this unlikely "lottery" of being unsatisfied with our service. If you "win", you might actually want to buy a real lottery ticket.

To be specific, this is our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy:

  1. In case of identifying any deficiency in our work, we will remedy such deficiency 100%, no charge.
  2. If the deficiency cannot be mitigated (an event which we cannot imagine, but we have to please our lawyers by saying it too) we will refund 100% of the amount charged by us for the work done and billed to you in relation to that deficiency.
  3. We will take back any defective parts resold to you (please forgive us in advance, we cannot be responsible for every product made everywhere in the world, unless we proudly made it ourselves), except:
    1. When specifically agreed upon, in advance, before the purchase, for very rare cases when no refunds or returns are possible.
    2. When parts or services are purchased on your behalf from a retail store or online which were not resold to you by us but simply reimbursed for such expense and there is an original receipt from the retail or online store which sold it. Even in situation like this, when it has nothing to do with us, we often go an extra mile to assist the client in resolving these situations, often at no cost.
  4. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our service is offered on a condition of a time limit. The client must try and check and test everything immediately upon job completion and claim any deficiencies found, immediately upon job completion. Any "deficiencies" reported after that will incur new charges at our regular rates, terms and conditions. In complex situations when it's not humanely possible to check everything immediately upon job completion, sometimes we may accept such claims as our good will within 7 days upon job completion and rectify such "deficiencies" (true or perceived) at no charge. As with many other things in our business, we stay reasonable and it doesn't mean that we will necessarily refuse any claims after the formal time limit, while we reserve our right to do so. While stating our formal position for legal purposes, in real life, on a case-by-case basis, at our discretion (which is often in our clients' favour), we would normally reasonably help our clients even sometimes in the event of unreasonable claims. This is what we call dedication and going beyond the call of duty.
  5. Any billing inconsistency claims must be made in writing within 30 days of the date of the invoice, while our staff still have the best recollection of the facts and while all the evidence is still stored and logs are kept. Claims about billing inconsistency not accepted after 30 days of the invoice date.

We hope that we neither offended nor scared you with such legal language. In the reality, in real life, we often go an extra mile to satisfy our clients. We are committed to be reasonable and sometimes we act beyond reasonable, far in your favor. As you may be aware, there is a very small number of certain types of people in any society who pride themselves in purposely abusing service providers. Like someone who would never leave a tip in the restaurant and would always complain about the food every time, even if it was very much enjoyed, just to try to get it for free or with a deep discount trying to make a poor waitress or a cook feel guilty or afraid of a conflict. This is why we had to write this page, please forgive us for that, as we know that it's not about vast majority of good people, like you. So while having this official page, we stay friendly and reasonable and go beyond the call of duty and beyond formalities (unless we simply have to protect ourselves from abuse) to give our clients 100% satisfaction.

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